Plumbers Tools

Plumbers Tools

If you have ever worked as a plumber, you know that a solid tool kit is a necessity. These tools will help you solve small plumbing problems and prevent major mishaps. They also can buy you some time until you can call a professional.

Some of the common tools used by professional plumbers include drills, hammers, and pipe wrenches. While they may not be needed for every job, they are crucial to a plumber’s toolkit.

The most basic tool used by plumbers is the plunger. This is a long, flexible metal cable that can be used to unclog a drain or unclog a toilet. Plumbers use this tool to force air into the pipes, which helps to break up a blockage.

There are several other essentials that a plumber should have on hand. One of these is a plumber’s torch. A plumber’s torch is a handheld device that uses heat to seal pipes.

Another important tool is a putty gun. A putty gun is a tool that can be loaded with caulk tube. It can then be used to seal pipes, faucets, and around sinks.

A hand auger is another important tool for a plumber. It is used to clear a clog deep inside a pipe. Unlike a plunger, an auger works by using a hand crank to drive a cable deep into a drain.

In addition to these tools, a plumber should carry a flashlight and protective gear. This will reduce the risk of injury.